Palacios Lab

I am interested in developing statistical methods to better understand complex stochastic phenomenons. I am currently working on efficient statistical inference and efficient probabilistic modeling in evolutionary genomics, infectious diseases and in more general stochastic processes that would have an impact in public health.

Our group is working on diverse topics that include the development of Bayesian nonparametric methods, new tools for computational statistics, development of new coalescent models and efficient MCMC methods. We are working on several applications in genetics, biology, health and cancer.

Julia A. Palacios

I am Assistant professor in the departments of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science.

Check here if you are interested in undergraduate research in statistics this summer.

We are currently recruiting talented undergraduate, graduate students and post-docs to join our research.

Contact information:

Office: Sequoia Hall 141
Mailing address:
Department of Statistics
Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4065
email: juliapr " "

Members of the Group

Jaehee Kim

Lorenzo Cappello

Mackenzie Simper

Rajanala Samyak

Leonardo Bonano

Leon King

Past members

Airam Blancas