Palacios Group

Our goal is to develop and use statistical methods to understand observed genetic variation in humans and pathogens. We are interested in efficient statistical inference and efficient probabilistic modeling in evolutionary genomics, infectious diseases and in more general stochastic processes that would have an impact in public health.

Julia A. Palacios

I am Assistant professor in the departments of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science.

Check here if you are interested in undergraduate research in statistics this summer.

We are currently recruiting talented undergraduate, graduate students and post-docs to join our research.

Contact information:

Office: Sequoia Hall 141
Mailing address:
Department of Statistics
Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4065
email: juliapr " "


Lorenzo Cappello


Hao Wang

Hongtao Sun

Mamie Wang

Alan Aw

Rayne Hernandez

Past members

Jaime Roquero (Rotation Fall 2018)

Xinyuan Huang (RA Winter-Spring 2017)