Palacios Group

Our goal is to develop and use statistical methods to understand observed genetic variation in humans and pathogens. We are interested in efficient statistical inference and efficient probabilistic modeling in evolutionary genomics, infectious diseases and in more general stochastic processes that would have an impact in public health.

Julia A. Palacios

I am Assistant professor in the departments of Statistics and Biomedical Data Science. I did my PhD in Statistics at the University of Washington with Vladimir Minin and a joint postdoc with John Wakeley and Sohini Ramachandran.

Check here if you are interested in undergraduate research in statistics this summer.

Contact information:

Office: Sequoia Hall 141
Mailing address:
Department of Statistics
Sequoia Hall
390 Serra Mall
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-4065
email: juliapr " "

Mamie Wang

Mamie Wang is a first year Master’s student in the Biomedical Informatics program at Stanford University. Mamie is currently doing a rotation project on predicting the effective viral population size of infectious diseases.

Xinyuan Huang

Xinyuan is a second-year Master's student at Stanford University. He majored in chemistry and economics as an undergraduate student at Peking University. He gained interest in statistics, especially in machine learning, during his studies at Stanford. Xinyuan is working on developing Empirical Bayes methods for inference in population genetics. Xinyuan will apply to a PhD program in Statistics this year.